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CBS released the names of the 5 Best Artistic Photographers in Orange County on October 15th, 2012. StantonPhotoStudios is on that list!


To see the original announcement, please visit the CBS New release website and I am the 3rd on that list of 5 selected from the many thousands!

PPA announcement of best photographer by CBSPPA brag book 2

PPA stands for The Professional Photographers of America   PSA News Features- page1


So Awesome!! University of California Riverside (UCR) asked for permission to use one of my photos as their webpage opening. :) So flattered about that! I am also photographing for them (or trying to) some trouts that they believe to be extinct in the Santa Ana River. If you are fond of nature and look forward to helping to find out about it--and perhaps even help to do so--please visit their website and check out my photo! :)


National Geographic Magazine has a contest every day for photos. They pick what they call the "Daily Dozen" that is very rare and hard to get into. One of my photos made it on week 5 of December 2012. It is photo number 5 in that group (thie picture actually won the contest tat day). Here is the photo that won 

The National Geographic Published photo

News: We are now an official Pink Cloud wendor!



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National Geographic Magazine Daily Dozen Winner

National Geographic Magazine Daily Dozen Winner

March 4th, 2013 - Anaheim, CA

National Geographic Magazine Daily Dozen weekly selections winner for December 5th week, picture 5, is photographed by Angela Stanton. Her photo received the highest popular vote that week. This photo is available for purchase at FineArtAmerica at